Exhibition: Antero Kahila & Kirsi Poutanen

Fri 22.9.2017 – 15.10.2017Art Hall

Art Hall 040 7309273

Seven ways to find a meaning 
Painting and sound art installation 
Seven ways to find a meaning is a joint project by visual artist Antero Kahila and poet-musician Kirsi Poutanen. The joint project comprises Kahilas monumental painting, which fills a whole large wall in Porvoo Art Hall, and a matching sound art installation designed and implemented by Kirsi Poutanen. An impulse for the project was given by a poem by Poutanen, The powerful telescopes at the observatory made it visible... (Observatorion tarkoilla teleskoopeilla sen näki...)(Cafe Kurskin naiset / Tammi 2008).
The monumental painting by Antero Kahila in Porvoo Art Hall is accompanied by Poutanens sound installation, which exposes the surface to senses, exploration and auditory probing, trying to uncover the existence of something that evades the consciousness of the events and situations shown on the surface.  Maybe that “something”, let us call it variable X, has been waiting for exactly this moment, the very moment of the birth of this work of art, in order to be encountered as “otherness”.

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