IHAN PIMEETÄ at Bistro Sinne

16.1.2018 + 23.1.2018 + 30.1.2018 + 6.2.2018 + 13.2.2018 + 20.2.2018 Bistro Sinne

Puh. 010 322 8140

IHAN PIMEETÄ on Tuesday evenings at Bistro Sinne

On IHAN PIMEETÄ -evenings Bistro Sinne serves a three course surprise menu that customers enjoy in dark dining room – only candles bring little bit of light to the restaurant. Dining in the dark strenghtens your taste buds and is an exiting experience. In addition, customers can pay for the food according to their consciense – there is no minimum price for the menu!

IHAN PIMEETÄ -evenings start on Tuesday 9th of January and continue every Tuesday until 20th February.


tel. 010 3228140

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