WIND - Album Release with Mandys Nyckel and Let Us Be Frank

Sun 25.3.2018 19:00Factory Hall

Liput esiintyjiltä

WIND is a versatile and unique concert concept presenting a professional band, amazing singers and a rhythmic choir. With this concert tour, the band Mandys Nyckel releases its second album. Lyrics and music are written by Amanda Henriksson, the music is a mixture of pop, folk and jazz.


Sara Selenius, vocals
Margarita Haatanen, vocals
Saranda (Sofia Fri-Xavier), vocals
Amanda Henriksson, vocals and piano
Martina Brunell, accordeon
Jesper Eklund, drums
Olli Liljeström, bass
Niklas Nyholm, guitar

Let Us Be Frank
Choir conductors: Simon Djupsjöbacka och Amanda Henriksson

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