PAINTINGS by Aleksi Matikainen contains works created between 2017 and 2021. The oil-on-canvas paintings examine oddity and oblivion. The works are statements of sorts on the experience of otherness in our time. In the works, oddity and oblivion are depicted as external distortions of the human form. The images of oversight and oblivion, on the other hand, reflect loss.

”I view my work as kind of like walking a tightrope, but as I walk, I think that the swaying is more important than the destination. I work on my pieces by drawing and painting. I have recently started working on larger pieces.”

Aleksi Matikainen has studied at the Liminka School of Art and the Free Art School. He has participated in private and joint exhibitions since 2002.

Gallery Kulma has a monthly changing exhibition of contemporary art and it is located by the entrance of Porvoo Art Hall.

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2022-02-04 - 2022-02-27
Galleria Kulma

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