2021-07-03 07:00 PM

Avanti! Club

Veli Kujala, accordion

Jyrki Myllärinen, guitar

Jarmo Julkunen, guitar and ukulele

Erkki Suomalainen, bassoon

Avanti’s speech choir

Pipoka Trio


Kurt Schwitters: Parts from the poem Ursonate

Jukka Tiensuu: Sinistro

Anna Meredith: AXEMAN

HK Gruber: Bossa Nova op. 21e for wind quintet

Julia Wolfe: Reeling 

Pipoka Trio


Avanti! invites its audience to spend a summer’s evening at its informal concert club. Watch a bassoonist turn into a heavy guitarist and, for example, listen to Avanti! players getting their tongues round Dadaist poetry. The Club evening will end with some cross-eyed avant-garde swing by the Pipoka Trio.


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2021-07-03 07:00 PM - 2021-07-03

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