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Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 27 is an earlier work than might be presumed from its number. The big hit in this short, sharp work is the Andante siciliano that swings along with an Italian lilt. Markus Fagerudd composed his Stream & River Motion concerto in 2016 for a unique combination of instruments: accordion, guitar and tuba. “The music in this work points in many directions,” he says. “It is like a satellite that turns 360 degrees generating observations of time, place, in the role of transmitter and receiver.”

Manhattan Broadcasts of 1964 is one of HK Gruber’s earliest works – rhythm music with a Viennese accent winged along by an electric guitar. Kurt Schwertsik’s Starckdeutsche Lieder und Tänze (1982) paints an ironic, captivating and frightening picture of our day and age in the “Starckdeutsch” (literally ‘strong German’) words of poet-painter Matthias Koeppel.

Joseph Haydn: Symphony nr. 27
Markus Fagerudd: Stream & River Motion
HK Gruber: Manhattan Broadcasts
Kurt Schwertsik: Starkdeutsche Lieder und Tänze op. 44

John Storgårds, conductor
HK Gruber, baritone
Pipoka Trio:
Petri Keskitalo, tuba
Veli Kujala, accordion
Jarmo Julkunen, guitar

Concert duration ca. 2 hours including intermission.

Avanti! is observing the official regulations issued in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic in the organisation of Summer Sounds. The number of seats at concerts is therefore limited and special attention is being paid to audience, performer and staff safety. More detailed information about measures and recommendations will be issued nearer the time of the event.

Should you have even slight symptoms of Covid-19 or suspect you may have been exposed to it, you cannot attend concerts and events (further info in English at https://thl.fi/en/web/thlfi-en). You may then return your ticket by calling Lippupiste at least two hours before the start of the concert (https://www.lippu.fi/campaign/en/contact-information/). Tickets will also be refunded if concerts have to be cancelled. Service and delivery fees will not be refunded.


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