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Dr. Futurity was originally a sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick published in 1960 in which a doctor shot into the future gets caught up in different time levels. The Dr. Futurity of Austrian composer Bernd Richard Deutsch (b. 1977) does not tell the story; instead, it entices the listener on a journey to Mars and back, to encounter chimeras and finally Red Alert sirens. Jouni Hirvelä (b. 1982) comes from Kotka in Finland and has won acclaim for such works as Vuolle for orchestra and Atmenwerk and Fracture Mechanics for chamber ensemble. The violin concerto he has composed for Eriikka Maalismaa is to be premiered at Summer Sounds. HK Gruber’s Frankenstein! is a classic in which the leading role is assigned not to a tacked-together monster but the man who designed him.

Bernd Richard Deutsch: Dr. Futurity
Jouni Hirvelä: Rakka (ke.)
HK Gruber: Frankenstein!!

HK Gruber, conductor and chansonnier
Eriikka Maalismaa, violin
Avanti! Chamber Orchestra

Concert duration ca. 2 hours including intermission.

Avanti! is observing the official regulations issued in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic in the organisation of Summer Sounds. The number of seats at concerts is therefore limited and special attention is being paid to audience, performer and staff safety. More detailed information about measures and recommendations will be issued nearer the time of the event.

Should you have even slight symptoms of Covid-19 or suspect you may have been exposed to it, you cannot attend concerts and events (further info in English at https://thl.fi/en/web/thlfi-en). You may then return your ticket by calling Lippupiste at least two hours before the start of the concert (https://www.lippu.fi/campaign/en/contact-information/). Tickets will also be refunded if concerts have to be cancelled. Service and delivery fees will not be refunded.


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