2021-07-03 01:00 PM

Mozart and MOB Music

HK Gruber, conductor
Håkan Hardenberger, trumpet

Bernd Richard Deutsch: String Quartet No. 2
Arrangements from W.A. Mozart’s operas for wind octet:
The Marriage of Figaro Overture
Osmin’s Aria: ”Ha, wie will ich triumphieren” from The Abduction from the Seraglio
The Abduction from the Seraglio Overture
HK Gruber: Three MOB Pieces for trumpet and orchestra

The second string quartet (2012) by Bernd Richard Deutsch treats the strings as percussion instruments caught up in a maelstrom. “Strange animals float chaotically between heaven and earth, between gravity and freedom, in the power of bizarre, unharnessed force fields.” While the upper classes got to hear Mozart’s operas in the 1780s, the common man (and woman) had to make do with arrangements for wind ensemble. This Harmoniemusik, as it was known, was, in the Classical era, the equivalent of a modern-day phone-in request programme and placed popular arias and overtures within reach of the mob. HK Gruber’s MOB pieces have nothing to do with this, for MOB refers to the ensemble he formed in the 1960s, giving “enjoyment and invention” as its primary raisons d’être.


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2021-07-03 01:00 PM - 2021-07-03

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