In his works Christian Saldert composes various visual stages charging the image with identifiable elements that gain new narrativity in their entity. He concludes his focus on composition as a visually enticing aesthetic methodology. By using theoretical references of Lettrisme and the forgotten visual fragments, he aims to simulate and visualize how information is communicated and disseminated. Christian Saldert (b. 1977) works with painting and video as his main medium, the work is often based on collaborations.

“For me painting is a form of poetry. The composition becomes meaningful by its form while lacking direct semantic content. My aim is to simulate the method through which information is conveyed and disseminated. I pick up otherwise forgotten fragments in the sea of digitized images, from the end of 19th century onward. I search images out of our digitized world and enlarge, color, accentuate certain parts, modify, layer and cut to create entities and stories.”

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2021-10-01 - 2021-10-24
Porvoon Taidehalli

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