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Osta lippu

Final Concert: “Body language”
Art Factory, Avanti Hall

Brad Lubman, conductor
Colin Currier, percussion
Avanti! Chamber Orchestra

Fanny Mendelssohn: Overture in C Major
Julia Wolfe: riSE and fLY a body concerto for percussion
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no 7. in A Major

The final Summer Sounds concert gives some hint of how Fanny Mendelssohn might have turned out as an orchestral composer. The splendid, controlled Overture in C Major is her only work in this genre to have won a place in the concert repertoire, and only in recent years. riSE and fLY from 2012 by Summer Sounds’ Artistic Director Julia Wolfe is a “body concerto” for percussion and orchestra. The New York street corners and subways are invaded by musicians – above all drummers – who set the beat for the city’s life. Percussion wizard Colin Currie uses his body as an instrument and combines urban folk music with the catchy, sparkling sound of an orchestra. The title is taken from an American work song, giving the street-cred music a historical background. The festival culminates in Beethoven’s seventh symphony, one of the cornerstones of mulishly rhythmic music forging resolutely ahead, and an Avanti! signature work.

The concert lasts approx. 1 h 45 min. Intermission.


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