In Erika Erre’s exhibition Selfie, the gallery space is filled with old items, memories, meanings and objects made by the artist herself to form a vanitas-type still life, which reminds viewers of their own mortality and the vanity of social media culture. Housed in Galleria Fikka, the still life can also be used to take a selfie.

The still life references a time when creating a portrait or keepsake was meaningful. A time when photography involved long exposure times and the number of pictures that could be taken was limited, as a result of which you might have taken only one picture where today you would take a thousand digital ones.
What meaningful things will be left behind by contemporary times, by you? Selfies that nobody cares about, that will probably not even last like old, tangible photographs do, disappearing instead into the digital void as software, services and devices become obsolete.

Erika Erre (born 1979) works extensively with different materials and methods. Her works are characterised by the presence of major contrasts, such as life/death, good/evil, sadness/happiness, individual/mass. Her material choices and symbolism often inject some dark humour into otherwise serious and even tragic subject matter.

The Fikka exhibition space is a small gallery inside Porvoo Art Hall that showcases media and installation art.

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2021-11-26 - 2021-12-19
Galleria Fikka

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