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Meeting rooms

The Art Factory has five smaller meeting rooms Alba, Eklöf, Fiskars, Ensio ja Haikka that can be connected into two bigger rooms. 57,9 m2 + 122,4 m2, 10-60 persons.

The meeting rooms are located on the second floor and they have a beautiful view to Porvoonjoki River and the pier of m/s J.L. Runeberg. The Art Hall, that has free art exhibitions, is located in front of the meeting rooms.

Dining can be arranged in the meeting rooms.

All of the five meeting rooms seat from 10 to 32 persons. When the venues are combined as two meeting rooms, the other one seats 20 persons and the other 70 persons.

The meeting rooms, Alba, Eklöf, Fiskars, Ensio and Haikka, have been named after the previous factories that operated at the Art Factory.

The meeting rooms have a projector and a flipboard.

Alba + Eklöf 57,9 m2
Classroom 22
U-shape 18
Cells 20
Fiskars + Ensio + Haikka 122,4 m2
Classroom 64
U-shape 38
Cells 54

More information:
+358 50 564 8776