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Opening hours
Tue-Fri 10-18, Sat-Sun 11-16 (monday closed).
Art Factory 2. floor. Free entry.

Porvoo Art Hall is a place where everyone can find something inspiring to see. The exhibition venue consists mostly of modern art exhibitions that change every month. In addition to the main exhibition space there are also two other galleries operating in the space. Gallery Fikka is a small gallery space inside the art hall that focuses on media, and installation art. Gallery Kulma is located in the entrance hall. Kulma mainly focuses on presenting up and coming artists with already established painters.

Occasionally concerts, cultural events and lectures are organised in the Art Hall in connection with the exhibitions.

Upcoming exhibitions 2022

Porvoo Art Hall
26.10. – 12.11. Pavel Semchenko & Anis Kronidova
17.11. – 31.12. Antti Tolvi

Gallery Fikka
26.10. – 12.11. Pavel Semchenko & Anis Kronidova
17.11. – 24.12. Marja Saleva

Gallery Kulma
26.10. – 12.11. Pavel Semchenko & Anis Kronidova
17.11. – 31.12. Porvoon Taiteilijaseura

Artist in residence

Art Factory A-i-R is is located on the Western River Bank of the Porvoo River in the Culture and Congress Center Art Factory. Approximately 20 artists and creatives work in the building. The residence consists of a work space and living space. The flat (open kitchen, bedroom, bathroom/shower) has a floor area of 56 m², and the work space with a high ceiling has a floor area of 35 m².
Open application is arranged each year in February.

Open call for 2025 will be in February 2024 click the link below for more details


Porvoon Taidehallissa on pieni taide- ja design-tuotteiden myyntipiste. Myynnissä on ensisijaisesti porvoolaisten ja itäuusimaalaisten taiteilijoiden ja käsityöläisten taide-esineitä ja töitä sekä pienyritysten tuotteita. Valikoimasta löydät myös Porvoo-aiheiset lahjat.


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